The FLIR – (Thermal Camera)

flir thermal

FLIR Thermal Camera –

The FLIR is most affordable thermal imaging camera on the market with the main features you need for investigations. Just point and shoot to ‘see’ thermal changes and use the trigger to save images for review later. – The digital video recorder versions can cost up to a few thousand £/$’s. Fortnately there is a cheap but effective (and official) alternative, if you have a smartphone handy. Enter The FLIR One.

flir one 1

flir one 2

The FLIR ONE detects invisible heat energy, giving you the ability to see and measure minute variances in temperature from detecting energy leaks at home to seeing in complete darkness. Compatible with an Apple (iOS) device, it attaches to the base of the device and displays the thermal image on the device’s screen, enabling you to capture both still images and videos.
  • Incorporates a standard and thermal camera using MSX® technology
  • Simple and intuitive user interface for a variety of functions
  • Can allow results to be shared on social media
  • Powered by it’s own internal battery
  • °C and °F Temperature readout
  • Copy images to the camera roll
  • Automatic thermal shutter
  • Charging cable included