Zak Bagans: The Demon House Destroyed

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G.A.C’s Zak Bagans was so fascinated by one particular haunting he decided to buy the house and make a special feature-length documentary film about it. – He later demolished it. Despite being one of the most keen collectors of the macabre in the world. Whether it was a publicity stunt for the movie, or he genuinely couldn’t handle what he found inside, we don’t know yet.

Whatever the case, i hope the film has not been canceled, i’d really like to see it.

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Nearly two years ago, Zak Bagans, flashy ghost investigator from TV Ghost Adventures, bought the “demon” house in Indiana days after it made sensational headlines in the tabloids and even in more reputable news outlets.

The story of Ammons family who lived in the house was that of a woman and her three children who claimed they experienced trouble in the house and were possessed by demons. The claims were a bit more complicated than that of a “haunted” house. Frankly, the lack of evidence, Hollywood-sounding possession, deep religious beliefs of the family, and their difficult situation and prior rental problems, led DN to conclude this story was not credible. However, the media latched on to the accounts related by the grandmother, the minister, a policeman, and some medical personnel as solid witnesses. None of these reports was authenticated as unexplainable. I know that sounds like discarding eyewitness testimony, but if you are going to claim you are possessed by the devil and invoke supernatural causes, you had BETTER have some mighty impressive ducks in a row, more than I know what I saw-type stuff. No other investigators were apparently allowed into the house. 

Note the "figure" in the window. Photo: Hammond Police Dept.

The landlord did not support their claims, saying those living there before and after had no such issues. Into the scene strides Bagans to purchase what appears to be a small place in rough shape. But he believes in demons, the Bible and all that jazz, and he immediately concludes the place is for realz and dangerous. From early on, the potential for this story to be publicized was apparent. Off it rolled.

Bagans wrapped filming on his documentary called The Demon House in January 2015. The site Dread Central has some revealing tidbits in an update of November 2015. They report that movement on the film came to a halt as his crew was spooked, he said conditions in the house were unsafe and he called in a priest. (Oh, the drama.) Then, the former residents (not clear which ones) of the house were asked to return to the house and “demonic activity surfaced, which lead to one of the females on site speaking in tongues and exhibiting signs of demonic possession.” The film, originally set to run in fall of 2015 is now scheduled for 2016. There have been no further details made available via the twitter feed. Since then, it’s been crickets.

So, was it problems with the crew” (Nick Groff left.) Was it problems with the site? Or did they find nothing and need to figure out how to gas it up a bit? Whatever is going on behind the scenes, we’ll likely not know. I’d predict it will be just like his TV show where the drama appears manufactured, the scenes are overacted, and the “evidence” will only be impressive to those who already have an emotionally invested belief in the paranormal.

With the failure of “Exorcism: Live!” maybe Zak got the message that this demon idea may be a harder sell than he thought. Ghost Adventures continues in its 11th season. There has been no word if it will continue. Groff has moved on to another worthless chunk of time on Destination America called Paranormal Lockdown which sounds like MTV’s Fear Supersized but less original.

According to Zak: “There are things in this world that we will never fully understand. We want answers.” Well, they won’t come from a hyped-up TV documentary, I’m pretty certain about that.

UPDATE (20-Jan 2016) According to a local reporter, the house was torn down yesterday. There was no word of why (but we can think of various reasons besides “demons”. It’s also not clear if this will be part of Zak’s documentary.

Photo: John Delano, Northwest Indiana Gazette

Photo: John Delano, Northwest Indiana Gazette