The Mel Meter: 1987 – 2004

mel meter

While one of the most popular tools used in paranormal investigations, not many people know that Mel is short for Melissa, the daughter of the mel meter’s creator; Gary Galka. The model number 8704 references a tribute to her time spent here on earth.

The Mel Meter Model 8704 is an intelligent microprocessor based instrument specifically designed for paranormal investigators and enthusiasts. It was designed by paranormal investigators…for paranormal investigators. One simple yet important attribute of this instrument is that it frees up your hands! This single this durable, precision hand held instrument eliminates the need to carry an EMF detector, thermometer and flashlight separately, which means much less fumbling around in the dark!

This is a hand held Instrument, but you can also place the instrument on a table top in plain view of the user. There is a little flip-stand on the back of the instrument which pops out, angling the meter for easy view from the table top. A quick press of the “Record” button will enable the Mel Meter’s Minimum and Maximum Peak capture feature. This makes obtaining baseline Min/Max prior to the investigation quick and easy. Even if you should take your eyes off of the meter while this function is in use, any Min/Max change in EMF or temperature that occurs will be captured for later review. A video camera aimed at the display can be added to enhance your experience for reviewing at a later time. The exclusive “Night View” display was designed to permit clear and easy display viewing of the EMF and Temperature values in total darkness up to 15 feet away. Try to find a “clean” area free of any potential interference from extraneous EMF sources. This Instrument is not affected by cell phones, text messages and RF transmitting devices like the KII and Gauss Master.

The large, clear display shows EMF and ambient temperature simultaneously to provide the user with a direct correlation between EMF and temperature change in the surrounding area. This is the only meter that can do this! If you’re a fan of paranormal shows on TV, you’ll notice that during investigations, invesigators will often encounter an EMF change which is usually followed by a significant temperature drop. This is measured quickly and easily with the Mel Meter.

The Attributes of the Mel Meter Include:

• Built in Night Vision Safe, High Intensity Red LED flashlight
• Custom Dual Display Correlates EMF & Temperature Cold Spots Simultaneously!
• EMF “Burst” Mode Feature for Tracking Dynamic EMF movement
• Measurement Ranges: 20, 200, 2000 uTesla and 200, 2000, 20,000 mGauss
• Fast Response Thermocouple Temperature Sensor
• Record Feature Captures Min & Max Values
• Tripod Mountable
• Measures EMF & Temperature “Cold Spots” Simultaneously
• ELF Range Down to 30Hz

The EMF “Burst Mode” feature allocates 100% of the micro-processors scan speed to monitor dynamic EMF changes. The display can update so quickly that your eyes will barley be able to keep up with it. If something is on the move, this feature can be activated with the push of a button. The “Record” function works great in this mode because it can capture the minimum and maximum measured values.