P.A.P.I – Para-Abnormal Private Investigators

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Team Para-Abnormal is a small group of well educated paranormal investigators based in Brighton, England, UK.

This forum offers a platform for paranormal discussions, as well as a viable method of contacting the team members should you have any questions, interests, or may be seeking to book an investigation.

Our conduct is one of professionalism, tenacity and courage. Judgements are unnecessary and we remain extremely open-minded, we don’t care how ‘crazy’ you think it seems we really would love to hear your experiences. All individuals are given the benefit of the doubt by default but having said that, logical skepticism is never abandoned as it is the hallmark of a great investigator.

Our primary objective is to try our best to help others who feel they are in need. If you feel you have nobody to talk to regarding an experience you can’t explain, if you feel negatively effected by the paranormal, we aim to give some kind of closure and/or peace of mind through capturing evidence. We perform spiritual cleansings for the most serious of cases.

Our investigations are not limited to just the traditional ‘ghost hunting’ but may also include UFOs, crypt-zoology, and other unexplained phenomena.

Furthermore, a by-product of this particular endeavor is that it will also help to contribute to the paranormal community as a whole.

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